Physical therapy
Integrated therapeutic treatment (up to 60 min) 300 kn
Kinesio Taping (by segment) 100 kn
Massage (sports medical) 300 kn
Manual examination  of locomotor system 500 kn
Isokinetic examination (one hinge, one plane) 500 kn
Functional locomotor system examination and neuromuscular function evaluation 1.000 kn
Trunk dynamometry 500 kn
Monthly kinesiotherapy house program with a follow-up examination (30 min) 1.000 kn
Individual (one-on-one) fitness session (up to 60 min) 250 kn
Semi-individual (2 people) fitness session (up to 60 min) 180 kn
Partial fitness assessment 1.000 kn
Complete fitness assessment 1.900 kn
Customization of an individual monthly fitness training program 750 kn
Training for athletes
Individual (one-on-one) physical conditioning session (up to 60 min) 250 kn
Semi-individual (2 people) physical conditioning session (60 min) 180 kn
Spiroergometry 1.000 kn
Complete sports medicine, biomechanical and sports-specific assessment 2.200 kn
Customization of an individual monthly physical conditioning program 750 kn
Basic analysis of nutrition and body composition 500 kn
Complete 3-month nutrition package

  • baseline determination of energy and nutrient intake and expenditure, body composition, and dietary habits
  • planning of a nutrition and supplementation program
  • education related to the design of an independent dietary program
1.000 kn
Follow-up body composition examinations 400 kn

Rate includes:

  • Guaranteed results (we will accomplish your training or therapeutic goals within the determined time frame).
  • Membership fee (at Motus Melior you DO NOT pay a monthly membership fee).
  • Parking (during each of your visits, a FREE parking space is available to you in an underground garage of the Grand Center office building).

We offer discounts for advanced payment and bulk purchases (i.e., a package of services).

Cancellation policy:

  • If, for reasons outside your control, you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, we kindly ask you to notify us at by phone at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • If you do not make your scheduled appointment and neglect to cancel it, you will still be required to pay 100% of the rate.