Athlete Performance

Athletic performance training models

The physical conditioning programs that are listed here may be followed at Motus Melior (“In-house”) or off-site (“Out-of-house”).

‘In-house’ model

‘In-house’ model

This approach used with athletes takes full advantage of our team’s expertise and of the technological equipment at Motus Melior with a view to improving athletic performance and reducing the risk of injuries. Training sessions are conducted at Motus Melior and, if necessary, off-site (e.g. on the field etc.). Within this concept, we offer two training methods:

  • individual (one-on-one) physical conditioning training,
  • semi-individual (two-on-one) physical conditioning training (athletes from the same sports club or athletes practicing the same sport)

 ’Out-of-house’ model

‘Out-of-house’ model

This approach emphasizes evaluation, counseling, and education intended for athletes and coaches.

The model is intended for athletes who train with their physical conditioning coaches or, alternatively, who live and train outside of the city of Zagreb. Our team of experts will, based on the results of the evaluation procedures, prescribe the optimal physical conditioning program, provide the necessary training equipment for the athlete and, through 3-5 individual training sessions, educate the athlete with regard to his/her independent training routine. The program includes a detailed presentation of exercises and of all the relevant parameters of workload and progression.

For sports teams, this modality implies functional and sports medicine evaluation, design of the integral training, nutrition and recovery routines, as well as (i) implementation of these routines within the sports club, or, alternatively, (ii) education of the team members who will independently implement the designed training, nutrition and recovery routines within their club.