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The results of the fitness assessment, along with an overview of client’s personal goals and objective limitations (the amount of time at our disposal), represent the basis of a fitness training program that may be implemented either at our center (“In-house” model) or independently, through exercise prescription (“Out-of-house” model). We also offer corporate fitness programs specifically tailored to meet the needs of businesses.

MM F·I·T – an innovative functional training system

All our exercise programs are based on a unique training system that makes use of natural, functional movements (F·I·T – Functional Integrated Training). These movements are grouped into logical units with clearly designed progression principles. If these groups of movements are systematically and correctly performed, you will increase the functionality of your muscles, spine, and joints while improving both physical functionality and posture, getting your body into optimal shape, and enhancing every aspect of overall fitness.

Fitness training models

“In-house” model Individual (one-on-one) MM F·I·T training (60 min) This exercise model ensures a total commitment of our experts to achieving your desirable health, functional and aesthetic goals through the unique MM F·I·T functional training system. We recommend this model to our clients in the first phases of their training routines; especially to our clients […]