MM F·I·T – an innovative functional training system

All our exercise programs are based on a unique training system that makes use of natural, functional movements (F·I·T – Functional Integrated Training). These movements are grouped into logical units with clearly designed progression principles. If these groups of movements are systematically and correctly performed, you will increase the functionality of your muscles, spine, and joints while improving both physical functionality and posture, getting your body into optimal shape, and enhancing every aspect of overall fitness.

We have grouped these natural movements according to their functional requirements:

  • corrective movements used to correct functional insufficiencies in posture and locomotion,
  • controlled dynamic movements and static exercises executed with a big amplitude in order to improve the mobility of the body,
  • postural and stabilization movements and exercises that improve balance, proprioception and functional stability of the trunk and joints,
  • dynamic quick movements using one’s own body mass that aim to stimulate the development of strength and speed and that improve body composition and bone density,
  • multi-joint movements with various types of resistance (one’s own body weight, elastic rubber bands, pneumatic resistance, medicine balls etc.) that stimulate the development of strength and muscle endurance, while simultaneously shaping the body,
  • cyclic natural movements on innovative ergometers, geared towards improving the metabolism and cardio-respiratory endurance while balancing out body composition.