Nutrition for health and an appropriate body weight

Optimal nutrition is 20% science and 80% habit. Along with a suitable amount of physical activity, a healthy diet contributes significantly to optimal health, including an appropriate body weight and a high level of fitness, energy, and vitality.

Nutrition for health and an appropriate body weight

However, dietary habits can be hard to change, and an increasing number of people are adopting a lax attitude toward them. We are witnessing an epidemic increase in the number of overweight and obese individuals, as well as a rising incidence of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in the population.

What are your dietary habits like? If you would like to:

  • slim down,
  • treat obesity and obesity-related chronic diseases (high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, type 2 diabetes),
  • reduce both subcutaneous and total body fat,
  • increase muscle mass,
  • boost vitality and energy levels,
  • rev up your immune system,

there is a good chance that we can, by encouraging optimal nutrition and physical activity, help you.

In Motus Melior, we use a scientifically based approach for the optimization of dietary habits that has been proven in practice. Following a nutritional evaluation, our team of nutrition experts and kinesiologists will develop an individualized nutrition and physical activity plan and will also help you in its implementation into the daily life through systematic education and professional support. Our approach to improvement and adjustment of dietary habits is not based on any of the fancy crash diets.

On the contrary, we strive to help you develop healthy eating habits related to:

  • balancing out the nutrient intake and energy (calorie) expenditure,
  • selecting highly nutritional foods, their preparation and timely intake,
  • balancing out the nutrient and fluid intake,
  • providing advice regarding the food supplements.

With us you will (in a flexible and sustainable way, without starving and counting calories) be able to:

  • slim down and maintain an amazing figure, with an emphasis on targeted fat tissue reduction,
  • shape your body,
  • elevate the fitness, energy and vitality levels,
  • rev up your immune system,
  • reduce the risk of chronic illnesses.