Sports nutrition and recovery

Sports nutrition and recovery measures are a vital component of every athlete’s training and competition plan.

Sports nutrition and recovery

By optimizing nutrition and recovery measures, you can:

  • improve athletic performance (by increasing endurance, strength, and speed),
  • improve the body’s ability to adapt to a training regimen,
  • reduce both subcutaneous and total body fat,
  • increase muscle mass and definition,
  • speed up recovery after intense training sessions and competitions,
  • maintain an athlete’s health and vitality.

Everything listed here must be achieved effectively, safely and ethically. In Motus Melior, we offer professional services to athletes in the areas of nutrition and supplementation, as well as other regeneration and recovery measures. Based on a detailed nutrition assessment, we are able to effectively optimize an athlete’s daily nutrition habits and to develop individual nutrition strategies of supplementation and hydration before, during, and after training session and competitions. In addition, based on the physiological parameters obtained at rest and during exercise, we assess athlete’s preparedness and make necessary changes in the previously designed training plan. Finally, we apply proven recovery measures such as massage, lymphatic drainage, cryosauna, contrast baths therapy and recovery training.