Physical therapy

Functional rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and painful conditions

Would you like to treat pain or an injury and prevent it from happening again? You’ve come to the right place! Depending upon the type and the nature of your injury or pain, we can help you with one of our rehabilitation programs.

Conservative rehabilitation of injuries and painful conditions

There are many injuries and painful conditions that do not require surgical procedure. If you have such injury, the treatment you receive may be aimed at alleviating the pain, as opposed to at the real cause of your health issue. This ”magical circle” that is familiar to many who have experienced injuries and/or painful conditions looks like this:

Motus Melior takes a different approach. We strive to permanently solve your health problems – we not only alleviate your pain; we treat the real cause of the problem, thus preventing recurrence of the painful syndrome. By combining clinical examination with (when necessary) radiological examination performed by exceptional orthopedic surgeons and radiologists, as well as functional locomotor system assessment, we are able to pinpoint and treat the real cause of your condition. We will improve your motor skills and movement functionality which will, in turn, enable you to return to your active lifestyle that includes participating in recreational activities of your choice. We take into account the individual requests of each of our clients and fully adapt to them. In order for rehabilitation procedure to be short and efficient, we use proven therapeutic techniques and procedures commonly used in manual medicine and kinesiotherapy:

  • traction, mobilization and manipulation techniques applicable to joints and spine,
  • special massage and myofascial tissue relaxation techniques,
  • Kinesio Taping,
  • corrective mobility and stability exercises,
  • reduced gravitational resistance training (training with reduced body weight),
  • isokinetic, pneumatic, elastic and inertial resistance training,
  • electro stimulation and vibration resistance training,
  • perturbation, oscillation and vibration stimuli in balance and functional stability training.

In addition to rehabilitation services at Motus Melior, we will educate you so that you will be able to independently perform certain exercises/procedures, thus saving time and money. Acquired skills and knowledge related to ergonomics, correct warm-up procedures and exercising will empower you to independently reduce the risk of injuries and painful conditions. By scheduling regular follow-up examinations, we are able to accurately track your progress.

Low back pain

Motus Melior’s Center for low back pain constitutes a separate functional unit within the rehabilitation department. Low back pain is nowadays one of the most frequently occurring musculoskeletal problem, in the background of which lie the motor function insufficiencies. This is why we have developed an integral, computer-controlled evaluation system that estimates the parameters related to posture, kinesthesia, stability, strength, endurance and flexibility of the trunk, hips and spine. This helps us pinpoint the real cause of low back pain and prescribe adequate therapeutic procedures. As a result of this integral approach that successfully eliminates pain and symptoms, our clients typically regain full functionality and work capacity and are at lower risk of experiencing recurring low back pain episodes.

Pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation

If your injury requires a surgical procedure, in Motus Melior you can undergo pre-operative rehabilitation treatment aimed at preserving your physical preparedness and function and preventing muscle atrophy (preparation for the surgical procedure) as well as secondary and tertiary post-surgery rehabilitation phases.

Our interdisciplinary team of experts, in collaboration with the team of medical doctors, will ensure that you promptly return to your full capacity while simultaneously preventing recurrence of the same or a similar injury. We systematically track your progress during rehabilitation using the advanced biomechanical and neurophysiological assessment tools. Upon the completion of the rehabilitation phase, you will experience a higher level of physical preparedness and vitality and will regain a full functionality of movement and locomotion.

Rehabilitation in sports

Rehabilitation in sports occupies an important place within the Motus Melior’s functional rehabilitation system. Numerous scientific studies have shown that the most accurate sports injury predictor is a previous injury. This finding emphasizes the fact that many athletes return to competition insufficiently rehabilitated; the main problem being a failure to regain full motor and locomotor function.

These athletes return to competition with measurable functional insufficiencies:

  • flexibility, stability, strength and power asymmetries between injured and non-injured limb/side of the body,
  • incorrect (dysfunctional) basic and specific movement patterns.

These functional insufficiencies are also a common cause of non-contact sports injuries. In Motus Melior, functional rehabilitation of sports injuries is carried out by an interdisciplinary team consisting of physical therapists, kinesiotherapists, physical conditioning coaches, nutritionists and sports scientists who encourage the biological regeneration of anatomical structures (tissue healing) while simultaneously helping you to improve and regain the functionality of movement and locomotion. Our criterion for successful completion of a rehabilitation procedure, in addition to the absence of any pain and discomfort and intact morphology, is a full motor and locomotor function. Our holistic approach to sports injuries will ensure that you seamlessly transition from rehabilitation to training and will prepare you for a safe and successful return to competition.