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Testing & Evaluation

Our comprehensive approach is results-oriented and is based upon proven success. This is why the starting point and endpoint of our client-oriented work is a thorough functional evaluation. Our clients appreciate this evaluation because it gives them a clear, up-to-date snapshot of their health and fitness levels, how well their bodies are functioning, and the effects of rehabilitation, training and/or nutrition plans.

Depending upon the type of service that interests you, an examination at Motus Melior may entail one or more of the following assessments:

Functional assessment of the locomotor system in rehabilitation

What caused my injury or pain, and what steps can I take to prevent it in the future? The foundation of successful rehabilitation after an injury or bout of pain is a correct diagnosis. The functional assessment of the locomotor system that we conduct at Motus Melior pinpoints the real causes and mechanisms responsible for your injury or pain.

Sports-medicine and performance assessment

Discover any obstacles in your path to becoming a better athlete and find out if are you are at greater risk of injury.

Fitness assessment

A detailed fitness assessment at our center covers all aspects of fitness for health and yields an objective overview of your level of physical preparedness, overall health, and functionality.

Nutrition assessment

What, when and how much to eat? Sports performance, optimal health, appearance, fitness level, and recovery from an injury depend greatly upon nutrition. In order to optimize this key ingredient for effective performance and overall health, our team of experts will conduct a thorough nutrition assessment.