Testing & Evaluation

Fitness assessment

A detailed fitness assessment at our center covers all aspects of fitness for health and yields an objective overview of your level of physical preparedness, overall health, and functionality.

Fitness assessment

The assessment entails a three-hour examination, which includes:

  • Anamnesis, initial health screening, and a physical examination
  • Assessment of stress and physical activity levels
  • Laboratory blood work (performed by an authorized laboratory) – a metabolic fitness component
  • Posture, body composition, and physique analysis – a morphological fitness component
  • Assessment of the functionality of the basic movement, balance, and mobility patterns – a motor fitness component
  • Assessment of muscle strength, power, and endurance – a muscle fitness component
  • Assessment of cardiovascular and respiratory functions at rest and during physical exercise (spiroergometry) – a cardiorespiratory fitness component

The results of this overall assessment serve as a foundation for the design and implementation of an individual fitness training and nutrition program intended to improve overall fitness, functionality, and health while preventing illnesses and injuries.

When appropriate, we work with Genos Laboratory to perform a DNA analysis of genetic variants that have been shown to influence physical preparedness and the ability to adapt to different types of physical exercise and nutrition regimens.

In addition to being useful indicators of fitness and body functionality levels, the obtained data are also valuable for the following assessments:

  • the risk of a number of chronic, non-infectious diseases and conditions (cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, diabetes, obesity, and certain cancers)
  • the risk of injuries that commonly occur during recreational activities how well the body adapts to different kinds of training and nutrition regimens.