Your Impressions

I was one of those stubborn individuals who thought he knew best. I thought I knew best about fitness and physical exercise as well. It wasn’t until I came to Motus Melior that I realized how wrong I was. If our exercise routine is wrong, we are bound to do more harm than good and I am really glad that I decided to come to Motus Melior. This is the best “investment” in my body/future that I could possibly make and I wholeheartedly recommend the same to everybody.

N.J., manager

I experienced a dislocated shoulder some time ago and since then my shoulder was never stable, my range of motion was limited and I also experienced night pain. The doctors were convincing me that there was no help and that I should accept the condition as it was. That was the case until I came to Motus Melior sports and rehabilitation center. After the consultation with Prof. Goran Marković and five treatments completed, the mobility and stability of my shoulder improved considerably, and I no longer feel pain during rotation movements or at night. Furthermore, the range of motion in my lower back was also limited which interfered with hip rotations and flexibility, and was also quite painful. At the present time, I no longer feel any tension or pain. I would like to thank Prof. Goran Marković and Prof. Nejc Šarabon for successfully treating my condition and I also thank the rest of the staff at Motus Melior for their help during rehabilitation.

Ivan Novosel

After years of engaging in competitive sports I started to feel the consequences of rigorous training regimens and received numerous diagnoses of spinal deformities. That is how my visits to various physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopathic physicians started. With that, I felt disappointed because many of them did not even look at my magnetic resonance imaging scans, but rather choose to initiate a therapy that was not based on my specific condition. I was about to contact experts from abroad when a colleague of mine suggested Motus Melior. It was then that I first encountered people who are truly knowledgeable, who are familiar with various treatment options that I used to read about, and who opt for a treatment that they think in a particular case yields best results. With that, my search for a perfect therapist is over.

Imre Vereš

Testing and evaluation conducted at Motus Melior scanned the body of my athlete and the interpretation of results was sport-specific (specific to tennis in this case). I received answers to my concerns regarding limitations in training and competition and was also informed of the extent to which my athlete is prone to a certain type of injuries. Motus Melior is the only place where I received complete analysis, where I was explained causes for certain conditions and where I was offered solutions for these issues. Experience with Motus Melior has helped me tremendously in my work with Borna Čorić, one of the best junior tennis players in the world. I highly recommend visiting Motus Melior to anyone involved in a serious sports project.

Marino Bašić (B.Sc. in Kinesiology / Physical Conditioning Coach)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Marković and his team for successfully treating my low back pain condition that I had been troubled by for many years. A highly professional and friendly staff, individualized training sessions that produce excellent results, exceptional massage services and friendly surroundings are the reasons for which I will remain your loyal customer.

M.Cerjan, entrepreneur

I travel to Motus Melior from Austria every day since it opened, for physical conditioning and massage. I decided to do so because back in Austria I was not able to find a training program that would suit my needs. I am making considerable progress, which is important for my success in tennis. I am grateful and happy to cooperate with a team that is both highly professional and knowledgeable.

I.H., (Tennis Player)

I am a business woman and I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. I have been troubled by degenerative changes in the spine since I was in my thirties. Frequent painful events, occasional physical therapies and short-term improvements had become a part of my life. Massages in Motus Melior have completely altered my relationship with my own health challenges. I realized that a single massage may have an effect that compares to an effect of a 10-day physical therapy regimen, and that suffering from a painful condition does not have to be a part of life. In addition, I have learned to breathe more efficiently. I feel tremendous improvement, although I have basically just begun to use services offered at Motus Melior.

Gordana Bušelić, manager

My very first visit to Motus Melior changed the perception that “all exercising rooms are identical“. The evaluation and supreme expertise on behalf of Professor Marković have convinced me from the very beginning that I have come to the right place. Training sessions are functional and tailored to an individual, and the setting is very relaxed and motivating. Without a doubt, given the amount of stress at my job, this type of training lasting no more than an hour is exactly what I need.

B.G., manager