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Mario Jelčić

Master of kinesiology

Our success in providing prevention and rehabilitation services for injuries and painful conditions and optimizing the health, fitness and performance of athletes and non-athletes depends on the expertise and synergy of our expert team.

Mario graduated from the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, with a specialisation in kinesitherapy. Health enhanced physical activity and exercise, as well as kinesitherapy are his primary interests both of which are the primary function and narrow specialisation in the Motus Melior Centre. During his study, he participated in numerous international seminars, courses and conferences, and worked as a demonstrator in the university study courses of the Physiology of Sport and Exercise, and Kinanthropology. In the Faculty’s Sports Diagnostics Centre, he participated in the diagnostics of numerous Croatian selections and other elite athletes’ preparedness. Within the research project entitled SPORTS, he conducted some research for his graduation thesis under the title Functional movement in adolescents: a descriptive study. Also, during the same time period, he acquired experience in group and individual work with children and recreational athletes. During the season 2016/17 he was a member of the expert team of the Croatian national basketball women’s cadet team (U16) as a kinesitherapist. He participated in all the MM Academy seminars in functional movement. Since March 2016 he has been a trainee in Motus Melior. He regularly improves himself by participating in seminars in kinesitherapy and manual therapy in order to obtain a deeper insight into the human body, its functioning and mobility as well as to improve his manners with clients.

For the last two years, I have been successfully working with Professor Marković on regeneration, fitness and recovery from injuries and pain.

Bruno Petković, football player (GNK Dinamo and U21 Croatian national football team)

Working with Professor Goran Marković was exceptional - fast, high quality and efficient. We can be proud to have such an expert at our side.

Sandra Perković, discus thrower, winner of two gold medals at the Olympics

Professor Marković's knowledge and skill have greatly helped me to come back into the field as soon as possible after an injury or painful condition and in good physical state.

Arijan Ademi, football player (GNK Dinamo and Macedonian national football team)

Motus Melior has helped me numerous times in my career, both in the rehabilitation of injuries from which I came back even stronger, as well as in my conditional plan and nutrition and regeneration.

Luka Šebetić, handball player (Tremblay en France)

Thanks to the Motus Melior team, a back injury that jeopardized my career is behind me, and at the same time I improved the function of my hips and torso.

Damir Martin, rower, two-time silver medalist at the Olympics

Unfortunately, injuries are an integral part of professional sports. That is why it is important to have an expert team on your side, such as Professor Marković's.  The comfortable and beautiful atmosphere of Motus Melior, with its professional and expert staff, is a winning combination for a quick recovery.

Ivan Buljubašić, water poloist (Olympiacos CFP and the Croatian national water polo team)

I have been working with the Motus Melior Center and Professor Marković for 3 years. I am extremely pleased with the collaboration so far as they have helped me a lot in recovering from my injuries and improving my fitness. I look forward to continuing this collaboration in the future.

Filip Benković, football player (Lester City FC and U21 Croatian national football team)

On my manager's recommendation, two years ago I started working with Professor Marković and the Motus Melior Center in the field of injury prevention and treatment and conditioning. So far, I am extremely pleased with the cooperation.  I recommend them fully.

Matej Mitrović football player (Club Brugge KV and Croatian national football team)

Professor Marković is a person I place my trust in. I have been collaborating with the professor and the Motus Melior team for over 6 years, and this collaboration is gaining new dimensions every year.  This has greatly contributed to my professional sports development.

Filip Krovinović , football player (West Bromwich Albion FC)

I have been working with Professor Marković and the Motus Melior team for 5 years and it is with their help that I am where I am today.

Lovro Mayer, football player (GNK Dinamo and U21 Croatian national football team)

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